Welcome to The IHN Group


Create a giant network of active users who become immediate

loyal customers of any restaurant getting registered on the platform


Create a giant network of active users who become immediate

loyal customers of any Hotel getting registered on the platform


How It Works?

IHN Network

IHN lets quality independent hotels and restaurants connect on a common point sharing umbrella across India. Across boundries of brands or ownership each participating hotel has the flexibility to enroll their choice of guests onto their hotels loyalty network.
As only select hotels are showcased in each area, every hotel becomes a sales agent for each other.

IHN Cashback & Discounts

The platform can be utilised as a loyalty programme for an individual company/unit while also utilising the network and data being generated by additional units on the platform across the country.
With a validity of 900 days for the points, hotels are able to use the data generated and the guests enrolled for promotions even in other locations for their sales and marketing purposes.

Hotel And Restaurant

IHN offers
1. An opportunity for hotels to network with each other across the country without sharing data .
2. Elimination of manual discounting leading to profits.
3. Booker loyalty programme for corporate bookers and travel agents.
4. Targetted advertisments on data generated across the platform.



If participating hotels and restaurants do well, IHN will do well!

We are a set of professionals, who believe in the above 'mantra' and are keeping our business partners first, the clients second and the IHN platform last.


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The IHN Group

IHN (Independent Hotel Network) is a platform created to network selected independent hotels and restaurants under a single large points sharing umbrella.

Despite having a better product, offering high quality service and more value for money, domestic hotels and restaurants are feeling the heat from the ever increasing RSO (Regional Sales Office) network of International hotel chains. Hotel owners are being forced to take decisions to enter into brand tie-ups with international companies and pay a high price for such associations. There is no way that an individual hotel can compete with large chains.

IHN will give guests a reason to select only a particular hotel or restaurant. And payment for such guests will be made only on materialised business.

With features such as the booker loyalty, elimination of manual bill discounting, targeted advertisements and F&B / Room loyalty, IHN supports business profitability.

Hotels or restaurants need not pay any up-front fees, no retainer charges. Only pay to keep the client within the network on materialised business

Within a given location, you would not have any other competing hotel as part of the network.